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Gone With The Dogs is committed to providing top of the line care for your dogs. As dog owners ourselves, we know how important it is to know that your dog is being properly exercised and loved. We know how difficult it can be to find someone that is trustworthy and reliable. Our clients become part of our extended family and we are proud of the dog community that we have built.

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*January 2018*
Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting new clients.
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The GWTD Team

We walk. We hike. We pet sit.

Meet the GWTD Team!

Cami Johnson


Cami joined GWTD in 2007 as a dog walker. She was a professional photographer mainly working with dogs and decided dog walking would be a fun way to get some exercise and meet some new supermodels (of the canine variety!) She quickly fell in love with the job and became the owner of the business in 2008. She thinks it's the best job in the world and her 3 live-in assistants (Gromit, Finn, and McQueen) totally agree.



Amy joined GWTD in 2011. She loves hiking with her canine pals and has been known to follow them into the water for a swim and wrestle with the "goofy newfies." We think she might be part dog (still awaiting the DNA test results.) When she's not walking and hiking the GWTD dogs, she's tending to the zoo that she lives with: a dog named Moe and another named Remi, a cat named Kitman, a lionhead rabbit named Naula, and a dwarf hamster named Pip.



Cheryl joined GWTD in 2010, she's our most veteran walker and we have it in writing that she will never ever quit. Cheryl is also a massage therapist, for humans AND for dogs. The GWTD pups are often taking advantage of Cheryl's techniques after walks. Cheryl lives with a big goofy German Shepherd named Merlin.



Alex joined joined GWTD in 2015, and was an instant fit. In her spare time Alex loves to bake (ask her about her vegan chocolate brownie cookies!) and volunteers at the Northeast Animal Shelter, where she adopted her sweet rescue girl Lacey. Formerly Alex was an au pair in Germany, and speaks better German than anyone else on our team!



Sam joined GWTD in 2015. Formerly a personal trainer, she is serious about making sure her dogs get the most out of their walks. Dog walking is in her blood, as her mother is a dog walker and a friend to us here at Gone With The Dogs. In her spare time, Sam participates in CrossFit competitions and lives for her fur baby Fred, a little pug with a big personality.


Check out the many services GWTD offers!

Services and Rates

Leash Walks (30 min)

On our leash walks, your dog will be walked with no more than 2 other dogs at a time. We feel that any more dogs than this makes the walk less productive and can be dangerous.
We also offer solo leash walks if your dog has any special needs (e.g. dog aggression, medical issues, etc.). And puppy walks, where we'll take your new puppy on two 20 minute walks per day.

Off-Leash Field Trips (1 hr)

Our field trips take place at the Fells, located in Medford. Field trip dogs are carefully assessed for their recall ability before going off-leash. Our field trips are limited to 5 dogs at a time and we take great care in introducing new dogs to the "pack" so as to ensure good relationships during field trip time. These trips are a fantastic way to get your pup exhausted as well as socialized!

Dog sitting & Cat sitting

Dog sitting can take place either in your home, or at one of our homes. Included in the nightly rate are all walks, feedings, belly rubs, etc. We do not charge extra for anything. Unless it's discouraged at your own home, your pups will get all of the luxuries they are accustomed to (sleeping in bed, couch potato time, long weekend walks, etc.).
We love cats too! We'll feed them, play with them, give them any medications needed and scoop the poop.

Other Services Offered

  • Dinner walks (feed and walk)
  • Early morning walks
  • Weekend walks and hikes
1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Leash Walks (30 min) $18 $25
Off-Leash Field Trip (1 hr) $30 $40
Dog Sitting (per night) $65 $75 $90
Solo Leash Walks (30 min) $23
Cat Sitting (30 min visit) $17


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