Cami Johnson

Cami joined GWTD in 2007 as a part time dog walker. She was a professional photographer mainly working with dogs and decided dog walking would be a fun way to get some exercise and meet some new supermodels (of the canine variety!) She quickly fell in love with the job and became the owner of the business in 2008. She thinks it's the best job in the world and her 3 live-in assistants (Gromit, Finn, and McQueen) totally agree.


Amy joined GWTD in 2011. She loves hiking with her canine pals and has been known to follow them into the water for a swim and wrestle with the "goofy newfies." We think she might be part dog (still awaiting the DNA test results.) When she's not walking and hiking the GWTD dogs, she's tending to the zoo that she lives with: a dog named Moe, a cat named Kitman, a guinea pig named Oreo, a lionhead rabbit named Naula, and a hermit crab named Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper (Shelly for short).


Cheryl joined GWTD in 2010, she's our most veteran walker and we have it in writing that she will never ever quit. Cheryl is also a massage therapist, for humans AND for dogs. The GWTD pups are often taking advantage of Cheryl's techniques after walks. Cheryl lives with a big goofy German Shepherd named Merlin.


Zoe joined GWTD in 2010 while she was a graduate student. She thought it would just be a part time job that she'd keep while she was in school. Silly Zoe. She fell in love with the dogs and the job and has been working for us ever since. Even now, with a full time job as a social worker, she fills in whenever we need her (or whenever she needs her "dog fix").


Jen joined GWTD in 2014. She was raised by wolves. Actually, wait, that's not right. She studied wolves in college at a wolf sanctuary. Foxes, too! She's our animal behavior expert, which definitely comes in handy. She lives with a cool cat named Haiku.
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